Transcendent Kingdom Project Entry #1

A minor addiction I have chosen to give up would be social media. One reason why I chose to give up this habit is because I tend to procrastinate a lot and social media plays a huge part in my procrastination. I know that I would get so much work done swiftly if I did not give all of my attention to what goes on online. There are social  media platforms that allow me to communicate with my friends and family, or to stay up to date with certain things I enjoy, but sometimes I need to pull myself back from a nonexistent life that social media has created in my head, and just enjoy the reality that’s surrounded by me. Social media creates these false narratives of the way you should live a “perfect” life or can. Not only that but social media hinders me from missing out on a lot of things. It sounds very easy to give up, but it is actually very difficult to do so since the things I do are very mundane and social media is my form of entertainment. It is simply just a big distraction and also draining, so I want to be able to use it less. The way I would limit my social media use is by deactivating my accounts for just a small period of time. I will discipline myself to spend at least an hour a week on at least one screen-free hobby, and keep my phone out of my sight when not needed or useful, so that they are out of mind. I think these are a few ways that will help to tame my social media use. I want to be able to see improvement in myself and the things I could have accomplished before. 

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