Project Entry #1

The habit that I will choose to give up is biting my nails, all my life I’ve been a nail biter, which is a nasty habit( I know) but I never do it purposely, the moment I catch myself doing it, I try and force myself to stop.  I mainly bite my nails when i’m bored and have nothing else to do, which is crazy cause I always have work I should be catching up on, the only other times I bite my nails is when i’m nervous about something. The reason why I chose this habit was so that I can finally let my nails grow out like I always wanted to, and because its nasty lol. I Don’t think it’ll be THAT hard to change this habit, I’ve tried many times before and actually went over 2 weeks without biting them….. but now that I think about it, two weeks isn’t that long and the fact that I relapsed so many times must mean something, during those two weeks I’ve done before, I’ve mentally fought myself and was so tempted to break the streak, it isn’t easy to change something you’ve been doing your whole life, hopefully i’m able to do this. ;-;

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