Transcendent Kingdom Project Entry #1

A minor addiction I’ve chosen to give up is a bag of chips called “Kettlez”. I’ve chosen to give up this minor addiction because recently I have been eating a lot of them since thoseĀ  are my favorite chips. But I am also given up these chips for my own health since it contains high levels of sodium and calories. In the past when I was younger I was more addicted to it and would eat bag more frequently. This cause me to be overweight and other problems but eventually stopped. Recently I still eat them and when its the weekend, a party or I have nothing to do Its mostly where I want to eat chips. So I just want to stop for a while to get my self together and just kind of watch out for my health. I think to stop this minor addiction for a while won’t be that hard because like I said in the past I have stop this minor addiction and I have been doing it for a while now. So even though these are my favorite chips and I have a minor addiction to them because I love spicy and these are spicy chips and taste delicious, I think I will be able to change my habit for a while since I to be doing recently. Also I have also stopped consuming other things like soda but this one is a bit harder because like I said it my favorite chips and even though I’ve given up to this I always relapse.

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